Shivani Gopal and The Remarkable Woman

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Shivani Gopal is the Founder and CEO of The Remarkable Woman and Co-Founder and CEO of Upstreet, a Fintech start-up with the nation’s first share-reward platform to increase wealth via everyday spending. As a dedicated advocate for gender equality and closing the wealth gap for everyday Australians, Shivani also launched “Equality 2050”, a campaign to achieve gender equality within our lifetimes.

Shivani has won the Top 50 Small Business Leaders award and is recognized as a leading feminist and business thought leader, helping women navigate through their careers, businesses, and financial success. Her goal with The Remarkable Woman is to help 1 million women and create a ripple effect big enough to change the world.

Shivani’s life motto of, “Dream big, and do the work,” is how she keeps moving with such energy towards her big goals and ambitions.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The Remarkable Woman mentoring movement, that Shivani founded when she realized systemic issues cause women to lack financial agency and leadership.
  • The link between systemic changes and individual empowerment to drive gender equality forwarded.
  • Systemic barriers causing women to compete with each other for limited spots – there is no Queen Bee syndrome!
  • The importance of networks and mentoring in opening doors and opportunities.
  • The Remarkable Woman success stories.
  • Men coming on the journey to create a more equal world.
  • The role of unconscious bias and growth mindset in changing the world.
  • The rule of three in asking probing questions.
  • Understanding your audience when trying to influence people to make change.
  • Equality 2050, Shivani’s initiative to reach gender equality by 2050 by working within schools.
  • How parents can talk to their children about gender equality.
  • To live a big life, Shivani’s advice is “Dream big, and do the work”.

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