Bringing Men on the Journey with Julie Moss

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Julie Moss believes men need to come on the journey to achieving gender equality. It’s not just a women’s issue. She shared a shocking story of unconscious bias when trying to redress the gender pay gap, the importance of flexible work options for all, and how to define what success looks like for yourself and your own life. With a wealth of industry knowledge with many years in the diversity and inclusion field, Julie is passionate about creating a more equal world for all.

This conversation was recorded at the very start of the pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, so our conversation about flexibility is a little bit out of context. Julie did predict that the pandemic may increase the level of flexibility available to all workers going forward.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The evolution in Diversity and Inclusion that Julie has seen since she first joined the industry.
  • The intertwining of work and home life. We recorded this discussion at the very start of COVID, so lives are even more intertwined now than they were then.
  • Increasing the number of men who are working flexibly provides better outcomes for women as well.
  • The self-perpetuating male breadwinner model.
  • Non-linear career trajectories and the changing impact of children.
  • Redefining success as living a life and career that you have deliberately chosen.
  • How ‘having it all’ means choosing a life with balance between work and family.
  • Shaping your role to include what like whilst removing the parts you don’t like.
  • The impact of managers on job satisfaction and how to decide when it’s time to move on.
  • How parental leave affects women’s workforce participation.
  • The importance of men being involved in achieving gender equality.
  • The Diversity Council of Australia’s infographic about how men can make a difference.
  • TransGrid‘s Share the Care program for parental leave.
  • Julie’s life lesson that gender bias exists and her commitment to changing that.

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