Pregnancy loss support with Samantha Payne

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Samantha Payne has a vision is to create a world where all pregnancy losses are met with empathy and understanding, and that pregnancy loss is validated as real grief. With The Pink Elephants Support Network, Sam and her team are aiming to become the leading, most trusted research-based support service for those experiencing early pregnancy loss; through championing positive change for greater social impact. Samantha’s proudest moments personally are with her children who make her heart surge every day. Professionally her proudest achievements are the messages of thanks she receives from women who would otherwise have nowhere to turn for support.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The Pink Elephants support network, helping women with early pregnancy loss.
  • Samantha’s personal story of pregnancy loss and the lack of control she felt.
  • Meeting her Pink Elephant co-founder Gabby.
  • 1 in 3 women in Australia experience early pregnancy loss.
  • Pink Elephant’s mission that no one walks the journey of early pregnancy loss on their own.
  • The impact of education and awareness training sessions at employers.
  • The silencing of women’s health issues and minimizing the grief women can feel having miscarriages.
  • How supportive conversations open up access to even more support.
  • How Pink Elephant was set up and their expansion as a charity.
  • The trifecta of awards Pink Elephant won last year – Telstra Women in Business award, AMP Tomorrow-Makers, and Westpac Fellowship in Social Change.
  • Their Fertility in the Workplace program.
  • Advocacy for early pregnancy loss to be included in bereavement leave.
  • Helping put people in a position to have clear conversation to get the outcomes they want.

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