The Financial Benefit of Women in Leadership with Libby Lyons

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This week bringing you a special Bonus episode of Equality Talks. The exciting new research was released by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency in June about the causal relationship between women in leadership and bottom-line earnings. We spoke to Libby Lyons, Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

Libby took us through the real value of women in leadership, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women’s workforce participation rates, and the importance of a continued focus on gender diversity during an economic recovery. Libby shared stories and learnings from her past as a primary school teacher and then working in the resources sector, tips for getting your voice heard, and what she wishes she knew when she was younger.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The latest WGEA data, showing a causal link between profitability and increasing the number of women in senior leadership.
  • We should hit gender balance in most levels of management by 2030 with current promotion statistics.
  • The world-best level of gender data that WGEA collects, that can assist employers building strategies to improve gender outcomes.
  • Libby’s concern about the impact of COVID on gender equality.
  • The financial pressures of recession causing a reduction in part time and casual staff, who are more highly represented by women.
  • Women over 55 are the fastest growing group of homeless, and are retiring with 35% less than men on average.
  • The structural issues with superannuation and reform that is required to make it fair for all.
  • The importance of continuing to recruit for diversity of thought.
  • Recruiting practices to remove bias in hiring.
  • Gender as a consideration for Australia’s recovery, such as gender on the tender requirements for construction.
  • The quadruple burden on women during the pandemic.
  • The COVID silver lining of increased flexibility and working from home.
  • The importance of focusing on mental health.
  • Bloomberg picking up the business case of gender diversity.
  • Libby’s career history in primary education and resources.
  • Strategies for getting your voice heard.

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