Jamila Rizvi – Gender Parity, Community and Imperfection

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“We will rise together or not at all.”

Jamila Rizvi is an author, presenter, political commentator, the newly appointed editor-at-large of Future Women, former editor-in-chief of MamaMia. She’s written two books, Not Just Lucky and The Motherhood, and signs off her emails Troublemaker At Large, which is a great sign.

We discuss:

  • A series of hilarious but also scary statistics, like the fact that there are more men named Andrew than women running ASX200 companies
  • Tips for negotiating, such as focus on what you want, not what you’ve got
  • The structural inequalities that we live in, and the importance of understanding them so we can see it’s not ‘just me’
  • Diversity is proven to shift the bottom line in organisations, so how do we make workplaces work better for women
  • A glorious story about how Barak Obama’s female staff supported each others ideas and in being heard
  • That we can all be part of the sisterhood and the feminist movement in whatever way works for us as individuals
  • The importance of community
  • How we all need to let go of the pursuit of perfection, and give ourselves a bit of a break


We mention some resources throughout the conversation, here is where you can find links to them all!

Future Women, where Jamila has taken the helm and is building an amazing community.

Jamila’s books, Not Just Lucky and The Motherhood

And her own website.

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