Consciously Choosing the Life You Want – Caroline Patrick

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“At the end of the day you’ve got to make the decisions that are right for you and your family and not worry about what other people think about that.”

Caroline Patrick is one of Australia’s most passionate marketers, ticking off a variety of achievements such as revitalising one of Australia’s most loved brands, launching a health fund, and winning Australian Marketing Institute Certified Practising Marketer of the Year Award. Currently, Caroline sits on the Executive Management Team at the Radio Rentals Group and is part of a team driving business transformation. Caroline has been making very deliberate choices aiming for a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle and career, and now  lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, supported by her stay at home husband Iain and their two children Amelia, 11 and Cameron, 8.

What we cover:

  • Caroline’s background and how she accidentally moved to Australia from the UK
  • Why she had to become creative in her job choices and the benefits of bypassing the corporate ladder and pursuing a jungle gym career
  • The importance of having a sense of purpose and alignment of values in work roles
  • Being the only woman on the executive team
  • The process Caroline and her husband Iain went through to make the transition for him to be a stay-at-home dad
  • Making conscious decisions and changes to support those decisions, as opposed to just letting life happen
  • Caroline’s experience of Mother Guilt and the double standard for stay-at-home dads in our society
  • The important of putting judgments aside when making decisions that are right for you
  • Caroline’s advice to anyone who might be in the two-working-parents juggle right now
  • Why you should ask for what you want and question the status quo
  • The gift of giving yourself permission to outsource the things that make life easier


Caroline mentions the FriDads, a group of stay at home Dads from Alice Springs

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