Anne Marie Rice – Changing the Paradigm

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“The responsibility for the change to make professional life sustainable for women is mine, it’s ours. The responsibility to stop pretending that a flourishing legal career and committed parenting or other role is at all easy, realistic, healthy or sustainable, is mine, it’s ours.

We lie loudest when we lie to ourselves”

Anne-Marie Rice is a problem solver, peace maker and educator having honed her technical and negotiation skills in the most highly charged of legal fields – family law. Anne-Marie is a highly sought after mediator and legal representative and is recognised by her peers as one of the best in her field, adoptin a philosophy that “conflict can be resolved without combat”.

Anne-Marie’s acceptance speech after being named the 2018 WLAQ Leneen Ford AC Woman Lawyer of the Year, in which she spoke of the exhaustion of an aggressive approach to legal practice went viral, as working women around the world felt themselves in her story.

What We Cover:

  • Anne Marie’s viral acceptance speech as the Leneen Ford AC Woman Lawyer of the Year
  • The pressure to keep everything going and not talk about being tired as we live in this world not built by or for women and families
  • The fear that if you don’t take an opportunity right now, it won’t arise again
  • Why people perform better at work when they have time for outside activities
  • The view of parents working from home when they are male vs female
  • Guidance for women trying to make similar changes in creating a career and a way of living that sits much better with their internal compass and how they want to show up in the world
  • Where you find your tribe?
  • A Gratitude Practice
  • The difference between a full life and a busy life
  • How to start listening to that inner voice in following your own path
  • What kind of things Anne Marie does to make sure she don’t burn out


We mention some resources throughout the conversation, here is where you can find links to them all!

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