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We need to stop ‘fixing’ women, and fix the system.”

Peggy Vosloo is passionate about diversity and inclusion, employee engagement and cultural change. For the past 15 years, Peggy has applied her project management and strategic thinking skills to both the private and public sectors. In the private sector, she managed the implementation of complex people projects for a global company. In the public sector, she developed and delivered educational programs designed to create sustainable change in the gender equality space for Australian workplaces. For the past 2 years, Peggy has been working as the Creative Project Manager for Sageco, a career transition company committed to embed D&I principles in their services.

We discuss:

  • Creating your village and making a commitment to the family
  • How to determine whether a company has true flexibility available for employees, no matter what their policies state, because it comes down to executive advocacy
  • If companies offer flexibility and work does not get completed, it’s a performance issue not a flexibility issue
  • Real scripts for having the conversation with your manager to ask for flexible working
  • Pay transparency and its place in removing the gender pay gap
    • Australia Post completely removed its company-wide gender pay gap!
  • Women are great at negotiating, and get better outcomes when we are advocating for someone else (rather than ourselves)
    • The broken system and unconscious expectations and biases mean there’s a double backlash – if we negotiate hard then we’re seen as masculine, if we don’t negotiate then we get paid less
  • You don’t get what you don’t ask for


We mention some resources throughout the conversation, here is where you can find links to them all!

Workplace Gender Equality Agency employers of choice

Australia Post eliminates the gender pay gap

NSW Equal Employment Opportunity Agency, NEEOPA


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