Releasing Trauma and Creating a Meaningful Life – Fiona Hitchener

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“You can reinvent yourself, you just have to believe in yourself to do it.”

Fiona Hitchiner has over 20 years’experience working in the Diversity & Inclusion, Work-Life Balance, Recruitment and Human Resources sectors working for multi-national, private and government organisations across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

She is passionate about working with organisations to truly support and engage their people, through the development of work-life, diversity and inclusion as well as talent management programs.

Fiona is the proud mum to two young boys, an avid reader, runner, swimmer and yoga enthusiast, and has most recently signed up to volunteer as part of the community visitors scheme – connecting with older and socially isolated people.

This ended up being a really deep, honest conversation about the beauty and the challenges of life, and the ways we can choose to overcome difficult times.

  • The four areas she tries to focus on in her life:
    • career,
    • family,
    • community and
    • improving peoples’ lives
  • The fact that your job really has to align to your values in order for you to be happy at work
  • Big, spontaneous changes she’s made in her life and career
  • The ‘profoundly negative impact’ on her at work for taking maternity leave, and tips to manage that if you’re thinking about taking maternity leave
  • Fiona shares a really personal story, and the way she overcame huge challenge and trauma
    • Great beauty comes out of the challenges we face
    • Her life experiences led her to want to give a voice to anyone who doesn’t have one, because she knows first hand how it feels to be silenced.
    • The choice we have, every day, to be a victim or to forge forward and take back our power
  •  The ways we can look after ourselves, including a gratitude practice


We mention some resources throughout the conversation:

DCC Careers (now Work180) company checklist

WGEA Employer of Choice

FlexCareers for flexible work options

100Mums recruitment for working mothers

Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly

WomenatWork Podcast

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