Australian Women at Work

Research Outcomes

Our 2020 Setback

Right now, Australia is in recession for the first time in almost 30 years. The Federal Budget is focused on supporting male-dominated industries, and women are reducing their hours or leaving the workforce in greater numbers than men.

As a result, efforts to achieve gender equality in corporate Australia may be set back years.

We asked 1,288 women about their experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly. We heard about changes to working hours, changes to domestic load, and what women really need and want to succeed.

And now we can tell you what they said.

Australian Women at Work Survey 2

What women want


The things women are asking for are not that difficult to provide

  • Flexible work options for women AND men
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Men to do more in the home
  • Part time options at senior levels
  • Visible leadership around having both a career and a family (or other commitments and responsibilities)
  • Increased visibility of active parents in leadership roles

Now it's down to you as a company. Will you listen to what women need to thrive and participate in the workforce? Or will you let your competitors race past you as they take the learnings from COVID and embed a new best practice?

How we can help

Women want to participate in the workforce. They said they like learning and growing, being a role model for their children, and stimulating their minds.

You can't afford to lose half your experienced workforce sue to a lack of support and opportunities. 

Samantha Sutherland can help set you up for success. We listen to your bespoke requirements, talk to your people and deliver effective solutions.

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Survey Results

Click the image below for the summarised white paper, with the high level insights and some of the comments from research participants.

Click the image below for the complete white paper, with all the insights and comments from research participants.


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