Increase participation in your team planning day

When you spend the time and money to bring the whole Brand or Division together for a planning day, you want to make sure you’re heading from everyone in the room.

Diversity of thought leads to increased performance and innovation, so you need to make space for every person and every idea!

Three tips to maximise participation from your whole Branch/Division

1. Consider all thinking types

  • Extroverts & introverts, shy & confident, junior & xperienced, new to the team & long term employees, quiet thinkers & those who talk to think
  • When you understand who is in the room, you can make space for everyone to provide input in different ways.

2. Variety in your design

  • Many agendas have a mix of small group discussion and whole room sharing. That’s helpful, but it’s not enough.
  • Use a variety of activities, individual, and group discussion, mix people up throughout the workshop, and consider all thinking and learning types when choosing activities.

3. Engaging everyone’s energy and insight

  • Move people around often and allow people to have fun with what they’re doing.
  • When the energy in the room lifts, people are more engaged, you uncover more insights, and people walk away with stronger connections to each other and their purpose.

If you need some help

With years of experience running successful planning days, I can help you make sure everyone in the room is engaged, and you might even leave saying it’s the best planning day you’ve ever had.

Thanks again for your expertise over the last two days. It was great to have you leading it and your experience and insights made it one of the best planning days I have had.

Branch Head , Department of Finance

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