Charmaine Loratet: Speaking up authentically, IVF and sharing our stories

Charmaine Loratet on IVF and sharing our stories

A coaching client was talking recently about the boys’ club she works in, and what she can do to change it. The reality is, we don’t always have the power to change the structure that we are a part of – but when it comes to our workplace we can choose where we show up.

Having stuck it out in a workplace where she was disrespected and shut down to the extent that it was detrimental to her health, Charmaine Loratet won’t do that again, and she doesn’t want anyone else to live through that either. She is passionate about supporting women to be the most authentic version of themselves, so they can show up fully at work and in life.

Charmaine also shared her very personal IVF story in this episode. She wants to normalise the conversation about IVF, but also about anything important that is happening in our lives. Work and life are so intertwined that we can’t separate them, and we can’t possibly show up authentically if we feel we have to hide a part of ourselves. 

Charmaine’s bight, bubbly energy and her passion for supporting women really shines through in this recording.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Charmaine’s experience of the gender gap in STEM
  • Talking to girls in primary school about available opportunities and changing the stereotypical conversation
  • Charmaine’s passion for building women’s confidence so they can go out into the world and do what they want
  • The way mothers still need to pretend we’re not parenting when we’re in the workplace
  • How the stories we tell ourselves limit our lives and the value of speaking up for ourselves. 
  • The choice we have to be in workplaces that support women and give us opportunities 
  • Forgetting the idea of work-life balance – because we all spend so much time at work – but  finding our individual path that works 
  • The idea of juggling glass and plastic balls, and how we might not be able to keep them all in the air so we need to focus on the glass balls 
  • Charmaine’s IVF journey being the most important thing in her life, and how her work supported her
  • Her goal of normalising the conversation about IVF
  • How authentically sharing our story helps create connections
  • The grit and grace it takes to get through life, and the influence we can have on the people around us
Image description: a quote from the podcast, spoken by Charmaine Loratet “You need to put yourself in an environment where you know you will have a voice, and we choose where we work and the people we surround ourselves with.” fills the image over a light background depicting quotation marks.

About Charmaine Loratet

Charmaine Loratet is a proud mum to her daughter and a passionate advocate for women. She has over 15 years experience in Human Resources across multiple industries.  Throughout her career she has learnt just how motivated she is to help influential leaders find their voice, and confidently lead in an authentic and transparent way. Most recently through her work at Altis Consulting she has focused her efforts on gender balance within STEM. She has a strong interest in creating opportunities for women to develop their careers by helping them harness their strengths, and, giving them the confidence to unleash their potential in a male dominated industry.


To learn more about what I can do to help you move the dial on gender equality in your workplace, click the button below.

You’re very good at what you do. Everyone loved your energy and was really impressed.

Sophie Anning, Corporate Affairs Director, MARS Petcare

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