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Panel Discussion Points and Sources

Thanks for attending the WayAhead and MumbleMe panel on

Working mums: The relationship between mental health, career outcomes, and workforce optimisation

I spoke about some data points and shared some sources, so here are links to those discussion points.

If there's anything else I said that you want to hear more about, send me an email and I'll share links and info with you!

Australian Women at Work Survey 2
Colorful Cycle Diagram Graph

Get the basics right

I shared that it's important to get the basics right before you try to do anything too sophisticated, and here are some indicators that maybe the basics aren't yet nailed in your organisation.

Without getting the basics right, you'll face persistent issues...

Where to from here?

I create bespoke, customised learning and development programs to move your people and your company along the gender equity path.

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Colorful Cycle Diagram Graph