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Self Care and Self Compassion

Workshop Discussion Points and Sources

Thanks for attending Syngenta's Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) session on Self Care and Self Compassion. 

I shared some research and sources, so here are links to those sources.

Kristin Neff's self compassion framework:

Australian Women at Work Survey 2
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Recognising the voice of our inner critic

  • Our inner critic is repetitive, usually unkind, and doesn't inspire action but rather encourages us to be small
  • Using Uno +4 cards to identify what our inner critic says to us
  • Changing the narrative using uno switch cards
  • Elizabeth Gilbert talks below about letting fear come on the journey, but not be the driver - our inner critic is often our fear speaking and trying to keep us safe


  • One of the three pillars from Kristin Neff's framework
  • Apps can be a great place to start
  • Try Calm or Headspace

Syngenta also provides access to some Headspace meditations in the Viva Insights tool in MS Teams – go here for more information or feel free to reach out to Carinne McRae if you need help finding this.

Common humanity

  • Brene Brown talks about common humanity
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self care


Self care

  • Micro moments can have a big positive impact
  • Choose activities that suit your personality and lifestyle
  • Have ideas on hand (using the self care circles) that don't take a lot of time or money
  • Remember to include things like getting enough sleep and maintenance medical appointments
  • If you need some inspiration, check out a real-life example of the self care circles here.

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