You haven't asked for a payrise in a while

But you know you deserve one (and you want one!)

Book a Negotiation Coaching package for the confidence, language and support to negotiate a pay rise

You’re a busy working woman, trying to progress your career while running your life and household…

You know you've been putting in the effort at work and getting good results

But the thought of asking for a payrise makes your knees start shaking

You’re strong, you’re capable and you’re ambitious.

You know you need to be seen and heard to make something more of your career.

You WANT that pay rise or that big bonus.

But figuring out what to say makes you feel like you might throw up, and you don't even know how to approach the conversation.

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The truth is, you know you've been workng hard and delivering amazing outcomes, and you're starting to realise that you won't be rewarded for doing the work if you don't ask for more.

You don’t have to continue feeling undervaued

And you don’t have to figure it out alone.

You’ve already given so much of yourself to your employer and you know it’s time you got some more value back.

But you don't really know where to start, or what to say, to convince your boss that you finally deserve a good pay rise.

What if you had some one-on-one support and guidance in how to broach those chats, demonstrate the value you're creating, make the ask, and secure that pay rise?

negotiation coaching

"Sam is a fantastic mentor and has coached me on how I can leverage my strengths and role in the workplace to better negotiate my salary review, attaining a 20% increase. The wealth of insight and advice that she had to offer gave me the confidence I needed to negotiate the non-negotiable!"

  • Kubeni R., 26, Senior Consultant


Negotiate-a-Pay-Rise Coaching

A short, sharp 4-week mentoring program to get you that pay rise or bonus.

We'll look at your specific circumstances, gather your armory of documents and feedback to prove your value, put together specific scripts to help you guide the conversation to the outcome you want and deserve, and get you all ready for to negotiate.

I’ll act as your trusted adviser to help you move ahead even when you feel like the odds are stacked against you.


Isn’t just about overcoming your nerves, it’s about understanding how to manage the conversation, getting clear on what you want and building the confidence to ask for what you deserve.

"In 2018 I was returning to work from maternity leave after my second child. In my absence the requirements of my role had changed considerably and I was returning to greater responsibility. I engaged Samantha to help me negotiate a better financial package from my employer as well as the flexibility I required now I was a busy mother of two. Sam help me strip away the emotion, speak to the trends in the market and focus on how I was adding value in the organisation rather than what I thought I "deserved". Sam helped me position myself and my experience in commercial terms, gave me specific talking points and delivery tactics and left me with a feeling of clarity and confidence as I proceeded through the negotiation. The result was a financial package that allowed me to work four days without a decrease in salary, and a bonus that was double their initial offer, exceeding my expectations."

  • Julia K., 39, Director Investor Relations, Australian boutique fund manager
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Here's How It Works

This 4-week intensive program involves four 1-hr calls (one call per week) to help you go after that pay rise or bonus with confidence.

Free chat to find out if we're a good match

We jump on the phone for a free 15 minute chat so I can find out more about your situation and whether I think I can help, and you find out more about the way I work to decide whether we're a good fit!

Preparation to get clear on your goals

Before our first session I’ll give you a few pieces of homework to help you get the most out of our time together. This will help you get clear on what you want to achieve and help me understand your circumstances so I can best help.

Mentoring sessions that fit in with your life

All sessions are run via Zoom video calls or phone, making it easy to fit around the rest of your life. You can duck into a meeting room for a call during the day, or hop onto Zoom when the kids are asleep – all with zero travel time or disruption to your (already super busy!) day.

Follow up to keep you accountable and on track

After each session, you'll walk away with a few things to work on before our next call, getting you ready for action and actually moving into negotiations.

And to make sure you're supported every step of the way, you'll also get access to:

BONUS: Pep Talk Sessions

Need a few minutes of pep talk before you head into the conversation?

Feeling nervous and want someone to help you calm down before you walk into the meeting room?

We can have a quick phone chat to settle your nerves and remind you that you're ready, so you're breathing easy before you negotiate.


So who am I to be giving you advice on how to get a pay rise?

Hi, I’m Samantha Sutherland.

With 16 years of corporate experience, managing teams of up to 25 people and reporting up to Board level, I understand how to navigate the corporate environment.

I was able to more than double my salary over a three-year period and regularly negotiated my way into a top bracket bonus.

But more importantly, I’ve helped women like you achieve amazing outcomes for themselves. Think 20% pay increase, doubling the bonus pool, achieving the top band salary available, relocation fee and a salary increase over offer.

My mission is to give you the practical steps to change your circumstances, while shining a light on the deeper issues that make it difficult for women to move ahead.

You deserve more, let me help you.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions women like you ask before saying “yes, please” to getting some support to make the most of their career

Q: What if I have a really shitty boss? Will this work for me?

Here’s the thing: I can’t change your boss’ personality, and I can’t change your workplace policies (although I’m working on that!).

What I CAN do is help you figure out how to best navigate the situation you’re in, give you back some confidence you may have lost with this shitty boss, and help you start thinking about the best next step, and whether that’s in your current workplace.


Q: I’m worried that if I take on more at work, my home life will come crashing down, shouldn’t I just keep doing what I’m doing?

Most of us working mothers feel like we’re at capacity, that’s for sure. We’re keeping all the plates spinning, so how do we add in more plates?!

That’s why we’ll talk about more than just stretching yourself at work, and I won’t be suggesting changes that you can’t manage within the rest of your life.

Some of the outcomes people have achieved while working with me are: a 20% pay increase, being allowed to work 5 days in 4, and doubling their bonus percentage.

What help could you get around the house with a 20% pay increase?


Q; How long is each session and how much support will I get between calls?

Our mentoring calls are one hour and you’ll get one follow up email from me with homework.

Unlike most other career mentors, I also offer Voxer support between calls which is super helpful if you’ve got a big chat coming up and you just need an extra pep-talk to keep your confidence high.


Q: My nights are already chock-a-block, why should I make time for this?

I’m not gonna lie, this is a tough one. But the truth is we have more time when we’re doing the work we love and we feel valued for it.

We spend the majority of our waking hours at work, so we need to be rewarded for what we do there or we’ll start to feel resentful. And, if you get that pay rise you can hire a cleaner to get back more time!

Importantly, we don’t have to do our calls at night. We can arrange it for your lunch hour – when you pop into a meeting room or out for a walk. We’ll do the sessions at times that are convenient for you.


Q: How do I know that I’m ready to take the next step in my career?

You’re ready! But also, we can work through that when we chat.

I’ll find out more about where you’re at and what you’re doing, and it might be that ‘the next step’ is actually about having the courage to ask for a massive bonus since you’re doing such a great job in a role you want to stay in.


Q. What if I want to get another job - will this still work for me?

Absolutely. I can help you figure out what the next step is and how to go about getting in. I can help with resume tweaking, how to get that interview, and how to build your network.

However, if you’re after a wholesale career change and have no idea what you want to do next (but just know it’s not what you’re doing now) then I have an amazing colleague that I can refer you to.


Q: What if I don’t have kids yet? Is this program only for working mothers?

While I work mostly with mums, this mentoring program is for all women who are looking to move ahead in their career and get the most out of their workplace.

The truth is, all women face barriers in the corporate world. I want to give you practical steps to change your circumstances (whatever those are), while being aware of the systemic issues that can make it difficult for you to move ahead, and how to work around them.


  • 4 x 1-hr calls (one call per week) via Zoom or phone to help you gain the clarity and confidence to ask for that pay rise
  • Practical homework and action steps to help you set goals and start implementing changes straight away
  • Bonus pep talks before any big conversations

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