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How women's mental load changed during COVID.


It’s easy to want to jump straight to the outcome and start implementing solutions. The issue is, if you’re not clear on the problem, then your solutions might not do what you want them to do.

A diagnostic phase helps you understand:

Where are you currently at?
What are people thinking and feeling?
What are the major issues?
What might be contributing to that?

Once you understand your starting point, you can set goals and design a strategy that will give you the outcomes you’re looking for and create tangible, lasting change in your organisation.

Using a combination of formats and processes, we’ll dive into topics such as:

Leadership commitment and role modelling
Gender composition compared with industry
Gender strategy and understanding of business case
Gender pay equity
Workplace flexibility
Policies and procedures
Existing measurement and reporting
Talent pipeline management
Gender inclusive culture

We’ll also engage directly with your employees to find out what’s happening on the ground. Through facilitated conversations or online surveys, we’ll discover what the issues are that you might not be aware of, employee perception and experiences.

We’ll identify strengths, opportunities and blind spots in a full debrief that can be used to launch your gender equality strategy.

What do you do once you know?

Strategy Development

Once you know what is actually happening, we work together to develop your unique strategy, aligning it with your:

Business goals
Diversity and inclusion goals
Identified strengths and opportunities

We make sure that the strategy supports and enables your core business objectives. This means the gender strategy isn’t just set to the side and something you have to push to make happen, but becomes an integral part of your broader strategy.

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Putting Solutions Into Place

Implementation is where the rubber meets the road and real change happens. We’ll help you design and deliver projects that support your gender strategy in a way that’s engaging, compelling and brings everyone along on the journey.

Depending what you need, some things we often do include:

Training on the business value of diversity
Women’s leadership development
Embedding flexible work practices
Reducing unconscious bias
Internalising diversity and inclusion as a cultural norm
Introducing and setting gender targets
Gender pay gap audits and pay realignment
Parental leave and return to work programs

The solution will be tailored to your company, your people and your objectives. It’s not a cookie cutter approach.

We’re in a recession, can we do this right now?

Right now, the impacts of Covid-19 are being felt more acutely by women, who are leaving the workforce or reducing their hours in greater numbers than men3.

Now is Your Chance

Companies that focus on gender now will be ahead of the pack when the recession recedes.

Retain the women you have, bring more women in, and ensure your workplace supports people both in and out of work. You’ll be in the best position to recover alongside the economy.

You can’t afford to leave out half the workforce.

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