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Panel Discussion Points and Sources

Thanks for attending the LGPA Accelerate Conference session on Stronger teams, building diverse teams

I shared a number of data points and research pieces, so here are links to some of that research.

  • My research into the impacts of COVID on working mums.
  • Diversity Council of Australia Inclusion at work index
  • The podcast episode where Diversity Council of Australia CEO, Lisa Annese shared her quote; "Absolutely, empirically, the data shows that when workplaces focus on gender equality, we can measure the inclusion rates and see that men and women benefit from this in an equal amount."

DEI, Innovation and teams

Australian Women at Work Survey 2

Belonging and inclusive leadership

  • Regnan's report, Beyond Diversity showed that there are 4 key features of inclusive leadership:
  • A supportive diversity climate (ie leaders are saying the right things, and backing it up with action)
  • Equitable employment practices (eg. you know exactly what you need to do to get your next promotion, and there is no gender pay differential)
  • Psychological safety (that’s an environment where it’s safe to speak up, learn from your mistakes, and ask questions)
  • And Debiased decision making (where there are processes to ensure fairness in important decisions)

Why we need inclusion


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How I can help

With a suite of training programs that focus on the key features of inclusive teams:

  • A supportive diversity climate
  • Equitable employment practices
  • Psychological safety
  • Debiased decision making

As well as programs that focus on:

  • Customer inclusion
  • Gender equity
  • Harassment, bullying and incivility
  • Mentoring and sponsorship

I can help your Local Government organisation improve internal and external culture.


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