Government workshops with a difference!

Sick of boring planning days? I won't let that happen. Make your planning day useful, fun and engaging.

Your team will walk away talking about how great it was. You will get tangible outcomes that change the way your team works together.

Why Us?

Sam was wonderful to work with: she quickly got across the issues and desired  outcomes and made things exceptionally easy in the preparation. 

Her engaging style and her ability to steer and direct conversations in a way that let everybody be heard was wonderful. We got so much more out of the day and everyone’s time than we would have if we’d tried to run the session ourselves.

I would highly recommend Sam to any organisation.

Chris Hatherly

CEO, The Academy of Social Sciences in Australia

Set your team apart

You know what it takes to bring a team together, there's just not always time to do it. As an effective leader you know you can't afford not to. Because companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%.

Take a pause from doing all the doing and have your team spend a day focused on ways of working, what really matters and creating an environment where your people can thrive.

Build a culture that works

Whether you've spent time creating it or not, you have a team culture. Use this opportunity to embed ways of working, so your people are empowered to do their best work and excited about showing up each day.

Bring everyone on the journey

Our collaborative approach lets us manage the information flow. We know when to stop for input so you get heard and they get heard.
We will:

  • Co-create your agenda, so it works for your team, meaning you get what you need
  • Provide hands-on activities and an engaging presentation, making the day memorable and effective
  • Ensure strong participant involvement gets everyone speaking
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There's no way we could have got the outcomes we did without your excellent engagement in collaboratively designing and running the workshop. Your ability to think on your feet and quickly restructure the workshop (more than once) in response to unexpected events was particularly valuable."

Kevin Chadwick

Senior Consumer Behaviour Adviser, Department of the Environment and Energy

Elevate your team planning day

With a workshop fully customised to your needs, the experience is exceptional

Government planning days
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Our workshops go beyond your expectations.

We’re focused on impact.

We’ll create an experience that gets more from your people. Using best practice facilitation techniques with fun sprinkled throughout to keep it engaging, this is a day that will have an impact long after you leave the room.

We are experienced and energetic

With a wealth of experience working with Government departments, we create team  workshops and plannings sessions that pack a punch. You get what you need, the  team connects and aligns, your culture and performance both improve.


The best thing is, you’ll be hands free.
You get to do what you do best, while we manage the process and keep everyone engaged.

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I have been more engaged today, than in any other workshop in my ten years in government.

Workshop Participant, Nov 2020

Sam ran three online team building sessions for me during early COVID lockdown. The brief was challenging: find a way to engage a very diverse and high-performing team of 15 members from half way around the world. Sam immediately impressed the team with her professional approach and arranged a series of inventive activities that helped them discover each other as colleagues and team-mates. Feedback was tremendously positive and Sam’s approach really set us up for success. Highly recommended!

Nolan Wolff

Head of Ayoba

Let's make it happen

Get in touch to discuss your next workshop, and see how I can help!

I recently found myself at a bit of a crossroads career-wise and found myself wondering if there was more to life. Enter Sam, the lifesaver. She was an awesome listener, a sounding board and offerer of fresh ideas (with practical homework). I can recommend Sam without hesitation. She helped me change everything

Lisa W.

General Manager

About Me

Hi, I’m Samantha Sutherland.

With 18 years consulting, facilitation and corporate experience, I understand that work workshop has to make an impact.

Engaging, energetic and passionate, I think we need to make work more human. I love working with a room full of people to get them all working together collaboratively. You get more value when you bring many minds to a problem, and they get more value by being part of an engaging, dynamic workplace.

We can make this a success, reach out to me today.

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