Get clear on the value you offer, learn the skills to speak up about it, and ask for what you deserve instead of settling for what you’re offered.

We work with ambitious, successful career women trying to manage it all and progress their careers.

Looking to accelerate the next steps of your career?

Ready to hone your leadership skills, make real progress and increase your income? We work with ambitious, successful career women, who are trying to figure out how to manage work, families, and keeping their career advancing. BUT – they often feel like they are only just managing to balance everything, so feel like they ought to be grateful for what they already get from work and not ask for more, and too many of them don't feel like their career progression or salary increases reflect the amount of effort or commitment they put in. We can show you how to become really clear on the value you offer, learn the skills to speak up about it, and ask for what you deserve instead of settling for what you’re offered.

Take positive career steps, earn more doing it, and balance having a life at the same time.

Do you:

  • Feel like you don’t know where to start
  • Know you have a lot to offer, but don’t know how to package it all up in a clear way
  • Start to shake a tiny bit when you think about asking for a payrise
  • Get frustrated with all the effort you’re putting in, only to not be recognised for your hard work and capability
  • Think you’re about to be found out as the imposter that you are (spoiler, you’re not, this feeling is super common)
  • Have no idea how you’re meant to do even more to get ahead, when you’re at capacity most of the time as it is

We will show you how to speak up for yourself confidently, know the value you offer and ask for what you deserve. Soon, you’ll be using your unique value proposition to fast track your career progression, and get recognised for what you bring to the table.

Imagine if you could…

  • See the worth in your skills and stop underselling yourself
  • Make yourself stand out to the right people and raise your profile so that you are respected, valued and get paid your worth
  • Understand how to manage the conversation to steer it to the outcome you want
  • Expand your network of talented, inspiring women around you
  • Continue on your leadership journey in a supported way

How it worksIn an intimate setting, with maximum 40 attendees, a panel discussion of respected coaches and leaders will discuss the perils and pitfalls faced by working women, as well as tips and techniques for positioning yourself along your leadership journey to accelerate your career success.

Questions can be submitted prior to the event for discussion, and there will be question time at the end of the panel so you can get advice on your specific circumstances

Facilitated networking will help you meet other ambitious, successful women. The power of female networks has been well documented to improve our career opportunities and help us get ahead.

Your panel:

Samantha Sutherland

A specialist in Diversity and Inclusion, Samantha consults with corporations on all things gender equity, as well as coaching women on how to get what they deserve – better pay, more flex, setting better boundaries. She is passionate about supporting working women, and has over 60,000 downloads on her podcast Women at Work. Samantha will be moderating the panel as well as offering insights from her wealth of knowledge

Caroline De Kimpe

Caroline is on a mission to build women’s confidence so that they can achieve every career goal they've set. With her positive attitude and unflinching honesty, she brings over a decade of recruitment consulting and HR professional skills to her coaching practice. Whether your goal is to attract the right job, get promoted or set boundaries that give you more time for your loved ones, Caroline can help.

Shandra Moran

Shandra founded The Transit Lounge, where she is committed to assisting creative professionals to love their work, without burning out. She helps women bring the best of who you are to what you do, align what you do with who you are and create a pathway to allow you to transition to more meaningful work.

Leave feeling inspired and energised to take a step forward in your career – in a way that works for you. You spend more time at work than anywhere else, so you should make your time there count!